We are a medical device packing and assembly specialist.

Valuepack is a full-service medical device packing and assembly specialist.

Activities are done in two operational plants, The East of Holland: Nijmegen and the West of Poland: Szprotawa.

This can be either primary or secondary packing, which we carry out in cleanrooms in our plant in Holland or Poland. Including logistics & warehousing.

Both plants are certified with ISO 13485.

Full service Medical device packing and assembly

What we offer

Management of packing, assembling, packing materials, logistics, processing & machines, planning and fully trained and dedicated workforce.

What we are looking for

Manufacturers of medical devices or pharmaceutical products that want to outsource their packing or assembly process


  • Components and Services
    • [offer] Manufacturing services
    • [offer] Testing and assembling services

Collaboration sought

  • Series production


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