Analysis and optimization of medical processes

SWAN - Scientific Workflow Analysis GmbH is an innovative company focused on the analysis and optimization of complex medical processes. We cooperate with companies from various fields of medicine. Working hand in hand with our customers, we identify leverage points that enable our clients to create and offer future-oriented and highly competitive products and services. This we achieve by examining potential refinement and optimization options of their products and services. Furthermore, we identify and address focal points to our clients’ advantage, such as requirements, drawbacks, and assets of their products and services.
Our services are customized to meet the distinct demands of our clients. To achieve this aim, we make best use of our many years of expertise in the fields of medicine, process optimization, and business organization.
SWAN - Scientific Workflow Analysis GmbH stands for quantifiable and scientifically sound results that translate into added values for our customers.

Prove the merits of your product to your medical customers

What we offer

As an independent company working in compliance with scientific standards, we measure and analyze the performance of your products or services on-site in genuine medical environments.
Using our advanced and scientifically sound method, we document and analyze all relevant processes as they occur. As an augmentation of the product assessment, we provide both standardized and open interviews with health professional users.
In the course of the evaluation, we take on the entire organization and coordination of all steps required for the study.
Conclusively, we analyze the data and study results for your convenient use. Furthermore, we prepare the findings for release in journals, at conferences or in white papers to scientifically prove the value of your product to your (future) medical customers.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers that are interested in:

- gaining knowledge about the refinement and optimization potential of their products and services
- comparing the strengths and possible shortcomings of their products to those of competing companies
- revealing health professional users’ demands and needs
- demonstratioing the merits of their products and services to their own present or future customers based on an objective and scientifically sound assessment


  • Medical Technology
    • [search] Anaesthesia, respiration, resuscitation
    • [search] Cancer diagnostics and therapy
    • [search] Cardiology
    • [search] Dental instruments, surgery and technologies
    • [search] Dermatology, Allergology
    • [search] Dialysis, Apheresis
    • [search] Electrosurgery, cryosurgery, lasersurgery
    • [search] Endoscopy, laparoscopy
    • [search] Equipment for hospitals etc.
    • [search] Equipment for Surgery Rooms
    • [search] Gynaecology and obstetrics
    • [search] Immunology
    • [search] Implants, biomaterials, tissue engineering
    • [search] Injection, puncture, transfusion, infusion
    • [search] Intensive Care, Monitoring
    • [search] Laboratory equipment and supplies
    • [search] Laser diagnostics and therapy
    • [search] Medical and electromedical instruments and devices
    • [search] Neurology
    • [search] NMR, CT, PET, 3D-Imaging
    • [search] Nuclear medicine
    • [search] Nursing, hygiene and medical supplies
    • [search] Ophthalmology
    • [search] Orthopaedic Technology
    • [search] Otorhinolaryngology
    • [search] Physiotherapy
    • [search] Regulatory services
    • [search] Robotics and navigation
    • [search] Substitution of organs / artificial organs
    • [search] Surgery instruments
    • [search] Telemedicine, home care
    • [search] Ultrasonic diagnostics and therapy
    • [search] X-ray diagnosis and therapy
  • Pharma
    • [search] Equipment & Devices
    • [search] Services for pharmacies
  • Biotech
    • [search] Analytic & Separation Technology
    • [search] Diagnostics & Therapy (Diseases)
    • [search] Other Bio-Instruments/Equipment
  • ICT
    • [search] Databases
    • [search] Documentation and translation services
    • [search] electronic signatures, cryptification, cards
    • [search] Image processing and recognition
    • [search] Medical informatics, data analysis
    • [search] Medical-IT (PACS, RIS, KIS...)
    • [search] software development
  • Components and Services
    • [offer] Consulting and support
    • [offer] Finance and investment
    • [offer] Marketing and sales
    • [offer] Testing and assembling services
    • [offer] Training

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Prototyping
  • Sales partnership
  • Laboratory services


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