Technology Transfer

The business unit "International Innovation Networks" represents Bayern Innovativ as a partner in the Enterprise Europe Network and coordinates Bayern Innovativ’s contacts to other innovation and business networks abroad.
With more than 600 organisations across all 28 European member states and more than 20 additional partner countries, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is the largest business and technology network for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Europe. As an EEN partner the unit "International Innovation Networks" supports Bavarian companies and research organisations in three major areas:
i) the commercialisation of their technologies abroad through international innovation projects;
ii) the identification and acquisition of new technologies from abroad for product and process innovations; and
iii) the advancement of their technology portfolio through international R&D cooperation as basis for future innovations.
The service comprises strategic analysis, the compilation of specific technology offers and requests, technology search and monitoring and active identification and establishment of contacts to experts abroad.

A major strength of our work is to facilitate cooperation in the Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech sectors.

Technology-driven partnering for Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech in Europe

What we offer

As a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, the Business Unit "International Innovation Networks" of Bayern Innovativ provides services for initiating international co-operations free of charge, such as:
- Dissemination of Bavarian technology offers and requests
- Finding technology partners in Bavaria for organizations from abroad
- Partner search for EU research and innovation programs
- Design and organization of thematic-focused technology events, such as study and company missions, workshops, info days etc. for initiating cooperation with Bavarian companies and institutes

Furthermore, for Bavarian organizations:
- Information and consultancy on EU programs (esp. SME-Instrument of Horizon 2020)
- Effective support of SME's in Innovation Management using the official IMP³ove tool

What we are looking for

Technology providers in the Healthcare, Pharma and Biotech sector looking for partners. We support Bavarian companies to find potential European partners and vice versa European companies to liaise with Bavarian partners. Based on your technology request/offer we provide suggestions of appropriate technology profiles.

Innovative SMEs from Bavaria with interest to improve their Innovation Management.
Therefore, we use a tool called IMP³rove that creates a report which helps you to understand your company’s strengths in all areas of innovation.
We can also help you identify areas for improvement where targeted support may be available to help you develop these areas to increase the value impact of innovation.
The assessment is free of charge for Bavarian companies.

Collaboration sought

  • Partnership for international development projects


Senior Innovation Manager

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