Regina has been pioneer of beauty training materials since 1970.
We started manufacturing and selling model wigs for the United States and Canada. We also make fashion wigs for Japan.
Our model wigs have gained the high reputation in quality and stability and been used for a practical national beautician exam in Japan.
We have improved our technology and know-how making the artificial real skin during years in the fashion model wig business.
Then we developed a new material called ” bioskin “for make-up training in 1987.
The Regina bioskin has similar texture to the skin of the human body.
We also succeeded in developing transparent materials that are not sticky with our original processing technique.
Recently, in a medical and biological collaboration with Akita University in Japan,
we have developed an artificial skin for medical training use.
We are expanding our business range by producing not only beauty training materials but also medical training materials.
We would like to show you our artificial real skin plate and model as the medical training material and talk about possible collaborations in the future.

Providing Medical training materials realized by Regina’s original R&D on the human body, also the processing and surface treatment technology of Regina

What we offer

We are ready to offer beauty training materials such as model wigs and bio skin doll for cosmetics.
We also offer medical teaching materials using artificial skin such as surgical Suture Training Plate, artificial arm for injections training and training tool for palpation to detect breast cancer.

Our main product is the Suture Training Plate.
The features of the Suture Training Plate are as follows
-similar texture and elasticity to the skin of the human body
-consists of 3 layers same as human skin(this allows students to stich the 2nd layer of the skin )
-can be used repeatedly ( the incision will shrink and closed in time)
-available in transparent material( this allows students to check their stitching technique )
-very safe and sanitary(compared to pig skin or banana peel)
-we can produce it in any color, size and elasticity


  • Medical Technology
    • [offer & search] Cancer diagnostics and therapy
    • [offer & search] Equipment for hospitals etc.
    • [offer & search] Injection, puncture, transfusion, infusion
    • [offer & search] Laboratory equipment and supplies
    • [offer & search] Medical and electromedical instruments and devices
    • [offer & search] Orthopaedic Technology
    • [offer & search] Substitution of organs / artificial organs
    • [offer & search] Surgery instruments

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Prototyping
  • Sales partnership
  • Exchange of experience
  • Partnership for international development projects
  • other: medical traning



Chief manager of medical skin materials Dept

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