Advanced Packaging

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS performs contract research and developments in the fields of microelectronic systems. The researchers of its Design Automation Division EAS in Dresden develop methods and tools for the reliable computer-aided design of complex electronic and mechatronic systems. Thus, integrated circuits, electronic devices and complex sensor systems can be optimized and implemented faster in order to reduce a product’s time-to-market. Furthermore, the scientists work on innovative technologies and systems in domains like image sensing or energy management for buildings. One goal of particular importance is closing the gap between innovative manufacturing technologies and the design of complex systems. The EAS Division is involved in national and international networks in research and numerous standardization activities. Its results of work and developments are applied in microelectronics and its domains, such as communication technology, automotive industry or automation.

Advanced Packaging

What we offer

Packaging with very small footprint
Integration of heterogeneous components (e.g. analog, digital, MEMS, other sensors, actors)
Introduction, Design studies for Advanced Packaging types like 2.5D Integration, 3D Integration, Chip-on-Board
High-speed signal distribution and processing


Group Leader Advanced Packaging

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