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One of the core competences of ZSP in Munich consists in obtaining, defending and enforcing intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, utility models, and designs. We also render advice to our clients prior to filing applications for intellectual property rights, e.g., regarding the German Employee Invention Act. In addition, we assist our clients with license agreements, agreements on the acquisition and transfer of intellectual property rights and similar contracts as well as with conducting licensing negotiations and we develop intellectual property right strategies.

Patent attorneys - your partner in intellectual property (IP) matters

What we offer

We have long-term experience in all areas of industrial property, in particular in the fields of patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs. We assist you in obtaining your intellectual property rights and building up your IP portfolio. We render advice prior to filing applications for intellectual property rights, furnishes expert opinions (concerning, e.g. freedom to operate of technologies or the validity of protective rights), and develop intellectual property right strategies. We also assist you in protecting and enforcing your technologies, e.g. in opposition or litigation proceedings.

What we are looking for

People who need support in all areas of Intellectual Property. For example, people who need support in protecting their ideas, trademarks and new developments. We look forward to meet and discuss with you.


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German Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Dipl.-Biotechnol.

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