Development of medical devices and combination products; consultation for regulatory affairs as ISO 13485 and ISO 14971

The senetics healthcare group GmbH & Co.KG is located in the city of Erlangen in the south of Germany.
Our key businesses are:
- Research & Development of medical products
- Testing & Validation of medical products
- BioLabs - hollistic biosafety for your medical product
- Management consulting for medical techology and pharma
- Support of suppliers in the medical market
- Consultation in the field of regulatory affairs (e.g. MDD)
senetics is a successful partner of the healthcare industry. senetics is assigned to develop for companies of the biotechnologigal-, pharma- and medical-technology-sector, especially in the field of combination products. Very important concerning product development in the healthcare sector is the reconciliation of all development phases in accordance with particular authorisation like laws for medical products, ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. Senetics with its expert know-how gives you support including training and further education in our "healthcare-academy". Therefore we support e.g. suppliers in the medical device market. senetics offers all steps in the supply-chain, from the first idea to the whole product and the important marketing steps. The production of equipment and components is possible via our professional and competent industrial partners and our Network for innovative suppliers in medical techology "NeZuMed".

R&D, Testing and Validation, Consulting and Training in the field of medical products, pharma and regulatory affairs for industry and suppliers.

What we offer

Als erfolgreicher Partner der Medizintechnik-Branche unterstützt die senetics healthcare group in einzigartiger Form innovative Dienstleister, Zulieferer und In-Verkehr-Bringer. Neue Ideen werden generiert, Wachstumspotenziale identifiziert und die entsprechenden Zulassungs-Regularien implementiert (MPG, DIN EN ISO 13485 und DIN ISO 14971) - Schulungs- und Weiterbildungsprogramm inbegriffen.
- senetics unterstützt Zulieferer bei der Geschäftserweiterung
- senetics entwickelt im Auftrag Medizinprodukte
- senetics prüft und validiert Medizinprodukte
- senetics berät Unternehmen und Zulieferer der MedTech, Pharma und BioTech
- senetics ist Ihr Berater für Normen, Regularien und die industrielle Umsetung des MPG
- senetics transferiert Technologie zwischen Automotive und Medizintechnik
- senetics ist Strategie- und Marketing-Berater für MedTech, Pharma, BioTech

What we are looking for

- Innovative suppliers
- Partners to support in testing medical devices
- Companies with need of consultation in the field of regulatory affairs e.g. ISO 13485, ISO 14971
- Ideas for new products in the field of eHealth monitoring systems
- Collaboration partners for R&D
- Companies interested in drug delivery systems and the field of diabetes


  • Medical Technology
    • [offer & search] Implants, biomaterials, tissue engineering
    • [offer] Intensive Care, Monitoring
    • [offer] Regulatory services
    • [offer & search] Telemedicine, home care
  • Pharma
    • [offer] Regulatory services
  • Biotech
    • [offer] Drug Delivery/Drug Targeting
  • ICT
    • [offer] Databases
    • [offer] Documentation and translation services
  • Components and Services
    • [offer] Certification, intellectual property
    • [offer] Consulting and support
    • [offer] Contract development
    • [offer] Contract research
    • [offer] Design and simulation services
    • [search] Manufacturing services
    • [offer] Marketing and sales
    • [search] Nano- and surface technologies
    • [offer] Testing and assembling services
    • [offer] Training

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Prototyping
  • Series production
  • Laboratory services
  • Exchange of experience
  • Partnership for international development projects


Managing Director

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