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Since 1991 the EOS brand of power conversion products has been at the forefront in AC/DC technology and footprint advancements. The use of high efficiency topologies, class-leading components, and modern quality systems ensures EOS products are in as much demand today as they were nearly 25 years ago. Today EOS products power some of the most demanding applications in the medical, computing, networking, and industrial market segments. The (M)WLP series, our newest low profile and high power density product introduction, will ensure EOS stays at the frontline of power innovation.

The EOS Power strategy is to design and produce class-leading AC/DC platform products which are easily modified and customized to meet even the most stringent of customer demands. This flexibility enables us to offer modifications, value-added power solutions, and complete box-build solutions to even the smallest customers without the requirement for large up-front commitments. EOS provides standard, modified, and value-added power solutions to all tiers of customers in industry-leading turnaround times. The class-leading customer service model which supports the EOS strategy is delivered globally free of cost.

Standard Modified Costum Power Solutions

What we offer

Power Supplies in a power range from 40-450 Watt
- Open Frame to EN 60601-1 (3rd 2x MOPP)
- World’s Smallest 225 Watt Power Supply
- Output Voltage from 5-58 VDC
- Multiple Output
- Very specific Mechanical, Electrical, Safety and/or EMI specification
- External Metalwork, Cabling, DC/DC Converters, Signal PCBs and total EMS Power Solutions

What we are looking for

looking for costumers:
- manufacture of medical devices (f.e. laser, surgery, imaging, reha)
- manufacture of laboratory devices


  • Medical Technology
    • [search] Equipment for hospitals etc.
    • [search] Equipment for Surgery Rooms
    • [search] Laboratory equipment and supplies
    • [search] Laser diagnostics and therapy
    • [search] Medical and electromedical instruments and devices
    • [search] Neurology
    • [search] Ophthalmology
    • [search] Physiotherapy
    • [search] Robotics and navigation
    • [search] Telemedicine, home care
    • [search] Ultrasonic diagnostics and therapy
    • [search] X-ray diagnosis and therapy


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