Facilitating Dutch companies

Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) are offices commissioned by the Dutch ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) to support Dutch companies with their activities in foreign markets.

The NBSO Stuttgart supports Dutch companies that want to trade or invest, or are looking for business partners, in Germany. The NBSO Stuttgart offers general
information about doing business in Germany, business opportunities, interesting developments and growing market sectors. Our core area of work is the German healthcare market including medical technology.

Additionally, the NBSO offers services tailored to the respective companies, such as matchmaking and specific questions concerning market entry. Besides that, the NBSO visits Dutch companies at fairs or seminars in their working area, and supports Dutch organisations with organising collective business activities.

Moreover, the NBSO functions as a liaison office’ for Dutch economic clusters and their counterparts in Germany.

NBSO is an intermediary organization.

What we offer

Contacts for Dutch companies.

What we are looking for

German companies that are looking for Dutch companies as business partners.

Collaboration sought

  • Exchange of experience
  • Partnership for international development projects


Chief Representative

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