Visualisations/Animations/App Development

The CAT PRODUCTION GmbH is building a 3D Model of the human body. It shows all the layers of the body: bones, muscles, nerves, organs. You can see movements, or injuries. The special thing about it is: it is the first model to be 100% medically accurate. The animated content is part of all kind of documentations.

We are even taking it a step further with Virtual Reality in order to provide a fully interactive model of the human body. So patients can now immerse into their bodies and see their conditions. Students can learn from an interactive model. Surgeons can be trained simulating an operation.

The company team is in the computer animation business for more than 20 years. CAT is located in Munich and works together with partners around the world.

Animations and Visualisations for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

What we offer

CAT PRODUCTION has developed unique techniques, new workflows for high production output and graphic styles for visualizing and animating medical content. The basis of our work are three dimensional models of the female and male anatomy. This gives us the oportunity to produce high-end 3D content for competitive rates. Customers use it to present new products, for elearning, training, marketing, presentations, VR-applications etc.
Please visit our webpage and our new apps for additional information.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new customers, sales partners and for companies to develop new corporate products.

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Sales partnership



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