FAQ Consulting globally analyzes trends and innovations in respect of their impact on the health care markets and helps all market players to take advantage of them and gain an early foothold in the market.
Accordingly, we provide players with the appropriate strategies, market information, reimbursement strategies and sales support.

Healthcare Business Consulting. Market Access. Reimbursement

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services for your market entry in Germany and other European countries:
- Market Know-How
- Business intelligence
- Sales and marketing services
- Reimbursement
- KOL management
- Market information
- Search for distributors
- Search for investors


  • Medical Technology
    • [offer] Anaesthesia, respiration, resuscitation
    • [offer] Cancer diagnostics and therapy
    • [offer] Cardiology
    • [offer] Dental instruments, surgery and technologies
    • [offer] Dermatology, Allergology
    • [offer] Dialysis, Apheresis
    • [offer] Electrosurgery, cryosurgery, lasersurgery
    • [offer] Endoscopy, laparoscopy
    • [offer] Equipment for hospitals etc.
    • [offer] Equipment for Surgery Rooms
    • [offer] Gynaecology and obstetrics
    • [offer] Immunology
    • [offer] Implants, biomaterials, tissue engineering
    • [offer] Injection, puncture, transfusion, infusion
    • [offer] Intensive Care, Monitoring
    • [offer] Laboratory equipment and supplies
    • [offer] Laser diagnostics and therapy
    • [offer] Medical and electromedical instruments and devices
    • [offer] Neurology
    • [offer] NMR, CT, PET, 3D-Imaging
    • [offer] Nuclear medicine
    • [offer] Nursing, hygiene and medical supplies
    • [offer] Ophthalmology
    • [offer] Orthopaedic Technology
    • [offer] Otorhinolaryngology
    • [offer] Physiotherapy
    • [offer] Regulatory services
    • [offer] Robotics and navigation
    • [offer] Substitution of organs / artificial organs
    • [offer] Surgery instruments
    • [offer] Telemedicine, home care
    • [offer] Ultrasonic diagnostics and therapy
    • [offer] X-ray diagnosis and therapy
  • Biotech
    • [offer] Other Bio-Instruments/Equipment
  • ICT
    • [offer] Databases
    • [offer] Documentation and translation services
    • [offer] Image processing and recognition
    • [offer] Medical informatics, data analysis
  • Components and Services
    • [offer] Certification, intellectual property
    • [offer] Consulting and support
    • [offer] Finance and investment
    • [offer] Marketing and sales



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