We believe that the patient’s quality of life can be significantly improved based on the latest medical developments. So in our quest to create innovative medical instruments and implants, we continuously draw on the latest findings from space research to generate revolutionary solutions for medical technology.

DUALIS MedTech GmbH develops innovative solutions for medical and industrial applications.

What we offer

Due to our high degree of innovation, significant advances in time and development are made for our customers, allowing them to quickly bring the latest technologies on the market and profit from the product advantages

Our vision is to be an essential partner for cutting-edge technology and provide innovative services

DUALIS has is a service partner with his own IP's and technologies.

Technologies in...
- Wireless Energy & Data Transfer System
- Special Pumps & Drive Technology
- Coatings & Functional Surfaces

DUALIS has also investment projects for medical devices.

What we are looking for

DUALIS looking for strategic partners and customer for and beyond the Medical Technology Industry.

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Prototyping
  • Sales partnership
  • Partnership for international development projects


Head of Sales

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