Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich enhances its focus on Medical Device Testing
With over 16,000 staff in more than 200 laboratories across 36 countries, Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in analytical testing services, with strong activities in medical device testing.
With truly dedicated resources for medical device testing at Eurofins and its partner labs, existing and new customers will now benefit even more from this large network, the long-term expertise and know-how in the field of medical technologies.
With extensive knowledge of the commercial process, regulatory requirements and scientific trends in the Medical Device Industry, Eurofins Medical Device Testing provides powerful support for Medical Device Companies of all sizes, and across all phases of product development all the way to the finished product
Our Medical Device Team consists of highly dedicated and specialized experts. Your contacts in our office in Munich are:

Our core philosophy:
- Development of an individual and optimal strategy for each individual medical device based on the risk and toxicological assessment approach
- Long-term experience (> 25 years) of our highly skilled team of scientists
- Active participation in relevant working groups of e.g. ISO 10993 guarantee best scientific practice and support in medical device testing
- Apart from standard testing, establishment of tailor-made study designs for special customer requests
- Helping the medical device customers with their individual projects by solving problems of unexpected test results
- Prime quality in performance of studies and documentation managed by 3 quality systems (ISO 17025, GLP and GMP) for world-wide acceptance of study results

The most comprehensive range of large, small molecule and medical device testing services available, worldwide

What we offer

Choose from a wide range of testing services that support all functional areas of bio/pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing, including method development, microbiology, process validation and quality control.
Our service offerings are fully comprehensive and include testing of drug substance, final product, intermediates and starting materials for both small and large molecule drug products, including:
- Testing of all starting materials
- Process and product related impurities
- Method development and validation
- Stability and relase testing
- Process/facility Validation
- Virus clearance and safety
- Testing of packaging components


  • Medical Technology
    • [offer] Endoscopy, laparoscopy
    • [offer] Immunology
    • [offer] Implants, biomaterials, tissue engineering
    • [offer] Regulatory services
  • Pharma
    • [offer] Pharmacokinetics
    • [offer] Pharmacology
    • [offer] Regulatory services
    • [offer] Services for pharmacies
    • [offer] Toxicology
  • Biotech
    • [offer] Biopharmaceuticals
    • [offer] Drug Development
    • [offer] Nanobiotechnology


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