Economic Promotion

As local representatives of Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Swiss Business Hubs promote sustainable economic development. In addition to providing specific information on local economic conditions, the Swiss Business Hubs oversee the implementation of international business objectives and make available a wide network of contacts.
Our role is also to support actively foreign companies interested in establishing business operations in Switzerland, and to provide relevant information and contacts to them. It offers its services mainly to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Business Opportunities in Switzerland

What we offer

As business location, Switzerland offers numerous advantages to innovative SME, such as:
- Liberal labor law, employer-friendly regulations
- First-class healthcare system
- Leading Center of Innovation: Practice-oriented basic education and training, universities and technical colleges that conduct world-renowned research
- Moderate tax rates which are able to compete with the rest of Europe
-Support for putting innovation into practice
- Globally unique concentration of companies specializing in pharmaceuticals and life sciences

What we are looking for

Innovative SME thinking about expansion to Switzerland. Keywords: sales, innovation, R&D, etc....There is so much that Switzerland can offer ....

Collaboration sought

  • Research & development
  • Sales partnership
  • Exchange of experience
  • Partnership for international development projects
  • Financing


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