Resume: Partnering Event 2013

150 companies and institutes from 15 countries attended the Partnering Event 2013. 650 bilateral meetings were pre-scheduled and additional ad-hoc meetings were realized on site at the matching-stations. Innovative medtech, pharma, IT- & service providers as well as relevant suppliers from several countries collaborated to mutual commercial benefit.


  •     220   participants on site
  •       15   countries
  •     650   meetings realized

 Ø        10   meetings per participant

 Ø          6    contacts to follow up


Participating companies in 2013

Dr. Karsten Hiltawsky, Drägerwerk AG:
“The Partnering Event for MedTech & Pharma is a great possibility to meet a lot of persons in very short time. Because of the exceptional event format you are obliged to select out of a wide range of companies the meeting partners you are interested in. Therefore the hit rate for targeted and effective talks is very high; higher than at some fairs. Dräger is interested in cooperation with small and medium size companies. All meetings were informative, some led to follow-up meetings and business relationships, others will be evaluated – for me a day with a terrific great cost-benefit ratio.”

Frank Rottmayer, Siemens Healthcare Sector, Germany:
"As highly requested participant most of my meetings were held with suppliers. I had 14 meetings during the day. My resume: Exhausting, but very effective!"

Dr. Andreas Heinig, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems:
“I participated for the fourth time in 2013. This Partnering event is very well organized, you are the whole day in talks – some of them led to sustainable business contacts. As research institute we are on one hand seeking for the exchange of ideas and on the other hand we are looking for industry partners, who might be interested in contract development. 30 minutes per meeting partner is sufficient to speak about the main content and possible business opportunities.”

Geert von Bergen, KMWE Eindhoven, Netherlands:
„The event team dealt highly professional with the organization of the B2B meetings. Therefore, I was able to expand the useful contacts I already made last time and  had many efficient meetings with interesting new German suppliers and providers.  I got into contact with international network organizations from MedTech Pharma. It was a wonderful day with brilliant catering in a typical Bavarian atmosphere.”

Dr. Marc Hoffstetter, Scholz - HTIK, Germany
"Having signed up rather of interest, than following defined aims, it turned out to be an outstanding event. Within 15 appointments, I met interesting people, chatted upon possibilities for collaboration and could expand my network. A remarkable event - unconventional, innovative in concept and highly effective!”

Dr. Klaus Stefan Drese, Institute for Microtechnology Mainz:
“I already participated for the fifth time at this great event. Because of the high number of participants it is easy to find the meeting partner which fits to you. The focused program facilitates the concentration on the B2B meetings, which were agreed upon in advance via an online tool. The online support and the matchmaking are fantastic, it was a day with interesting talks and without waiting times. The evening reception the day before gives you the possibility to already get into contact with some of your conversational partners. My resume: attractive and effective.”